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80k of pain through beautiful scenery

I set off early this morning on the bike. Intention was to reach about 50/60k and cover a few hills along the way. I pushed myself up to Johnny Foxes and then on to Enniskerry and on out to Roundwood. Feeling confident after a full Irish and two coffees I then decided I’d be adventurous and take the back road up to Sally Gap.

All I can say really is ‘Oh Sweet Jesus’! I bit off more than I can chew and now I feel like I want to be put down.

The ride up from Roundwood to Sally Gap and then Glencree is just stunning. But I was the only idiot riding in that direction while dozens of others zipped by in the opposite direction. I stopped in Glencree for soup and then thankfully it was 20k downhill home from there. A great ride and least I’ll know what to expect the next time.

I need to get a lot more mileage at the 50/60k mark before pushing up to this level again. The good thing though is it gives a better feel for the fitness required to comfortably ride the Wicklow 100 next June.