What’s with the name?

Someone once said that I would mind mice at the crossroads.

He was a wise old Jesuit who knew the wisdom of his words and, at the time, I was a gangly 16 year old who didn’t fully understand what he meant and took umbrage to his comment. In the twenty-odd years since I’ve grown to like the phrase and I have to come understand it for what he truly meant: it was a challenge to get up and do more with the time and talents that I was given.

Minding mice at a crossroads would be a challenge for most people. As soon as you line up the four mice you just know that they will be gone like a shot. Well my actual skill in life (metaphorically speaking) is that I can mind those same four mice at the crossroads. My challenge in life (in the words of that same wise Jesuit) is to not only mind them but to push myself further and maybe have them jumping through hoops at the same time.

So that’s where I’ve taken the name from and I guess this blog is just one small part of me trying to make good on that challenge. This blog is a personal ‘pet’ project where I’ve decided to get the finger out and start writing.

All posts and reviews are my own personal comments and observations. I reserve the right to get it wrong, to change my mind, to contradict myself and to take the conversation offline if necessary.

Debate is always welcome though and I welcome your comments.

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