Judging the Web Awards 2014


A quick post which I’ll update more on over the weekend.

Today I’ve been judging 25 sites as part of the Web Awards 2014. This is the first round to cut the wheat from the chaff. The next round sorts them into categories and then into semi-finals etc.

The best sites I have come across from my allocation were:

I  have to say I was really impressed by the quality overall. I also found a number of really good sites I hadn’t even heard of before. So much for considering myself to be ‘in-the-know’.
More to follow….
3FE & Colin Harmon
Food & Drink


The best, the smartest and probably the most-hyped coffee house in Dublin.

I’ve been in and out of this place for the past two years and have been watching the business grow and develop with interest over that time. They recently made a great 15 minute video (Vimeo) on the business and their journey from being closet-coffee geeks to successful entrepeneurs.

3FE will be regarded as too cool for school by most Dublin folk and will be too far out of the way for many others. Most won’t be prepared to pay 3 for a coffee each morning (I hear some local NAMA folk have dubbed it ‘3 Feckin Euro’) and for this reason I think its interesting to see this business thrive and prosper in today’s market. There are many reasons why the business should struggle to survive but yet it hasn’t – it’s actually doing the opposite. So kudos to Colin Harmon, his team and his fellow shareholders.

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Spotted this sign exiting my daughter’s school this morning. Not just for kids really, is it?



Keep Good Company

Sport | Fit

Keep on Running

I posted a public declaration on 3 December last to shed the pounds and get myself truly fit in 2014. I want to shed 10kgs and bring myself down somewhere between 80 and 85kg. I don’t have a definite timeline – just anytime in 2014 and most likely by the end of August. On balance I’m making some decent progress in certain areas and struggling to make a real change in others. Here’s an update…..

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Food & Drink

Salted Caramel Pecans

I spotted these little beauties in The Irish Times here and thought they’d be a lovely nibbler over the Christmas period. They are in fact “fuckin’ delish” and I ended up having to ration them from myself as well as others. They were great to have in a tin over Christmas and got a great reaction every time I pulled them out.

Note of warning on the recipe: they will take you at least an hour to make. I had forgotten how tricky working with caramel can be at times. Having to reheat the pot while you twirl your magic over the pecans is a delicate balancing act. I also need some better/heavier saucepans.

I also had a bunch of leftover caramel and chocolate which I poured into a slab, left to cool and then made my own Dime Bars – yum.



Food & Drink

2 wines to try in 2014

I’ve been quiet on this site over the past few weeks – damn and Register365 giving me trouble. More on that experience later.

For now I just wanted to recommend two really good wines I discovered over the Christmas period. I picked them up at The Corkscrew and Chris recommended the Californian one which was really good and priced at €39. The burgundy is quite special and I picked it up at one of their wine tasting evenings at a good price (normally retails at about €70/80). [I was celebrating when I opened it!]



Sport | Fit

Run fat boy! Run!

Time to lose 10kgs in 3 months

Time to start shifting some lard off this frame of mine. Starting this week (last Sunday actually) I’m on a mission to lose 10 kilos over the next 3 months. It might seem a little daft given the Christmas drinking season is kicking off now but I want to do a few running/trail events next Feb/March so I need to start something now. I can almost feel the metabolism slow down this year and I’m not happy to sit around at 95kgs when a fit and healthy me should be around 80:85kgs. I haven’t been down around that weight in maybe 10 years!

This public post is a stick to beat myself with for the next 3 months.

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