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I posted a public declaration on 3 December last to shed the pounds and get myself truly fit in 2014. I want to shed 10kgs and bring myself down somewhere between 80 and 85kg. I don’t have a definite timeline – just anytime in 2014 and most likely by the end of August. On balance I’m making some decent progress in certain areas and struggling to make a real change in others. Here’s an update…..


I have managed to get out running about 4 times a week (some 5, others 3). The run times are now averaging 5min/Km which is decent enough for this time of year but the distance and pace need to lengthen/improve. I haven’t been up on the bike however. The weather in December was crap and January has been a distracted month. However I did do the first round of the Naas Duathlon last weekend and really enjoyed it. I posted the following times:

Run (3.2k) 16.32 | Bike (20k) 46.47 | Run (3.2k) 18.51 | Transition 4.03 = Total 1 hour 26 mins

I’ll be doing the second one towards the end of Feb and a third one in March. I reckon I can take 1 minute off the transition times and maybe two minutes off the runs. If I can get some proper bike training done then maybe 4 mins off the bike time. That would bring me down to 1.20 overall which would be good enough for Spring training.


Ok so leaving the Christmas excesses aside the diet and discipline is coming back in line with where it should be. Since Christmas there wine/beer intake has dropped back to maybe only 1 bottle of wine a week. Don’t think I need to cut less than that – or should I say that I refuse to cut back less than that. Friday evening on the couch is no fun without a good bottle of red to chew on!

However I am finding the discipline around lunches difficult and sourcing places near the office that serve tasty healthy food is hard. Think I may need to head home at lunchtime more often just so I can get a better control of this part of my diet.


The routine is back in control and particularly since Christmas I have got more structure on both my daily food intake and my weekly exercise program.

Early aims for 2014

Considering trying to fit the following into 2014

  • 3 Naas Duathlons (1 done already)
  • Tri-Athy on June weekend
  • Wicklow 100 in June
  • Kilkenny Triathlon (sprint) and Tour de Kilkenny (110kms) – both July
  • Maybe one other cycle sportive and one other triathlon – I’d like to get an Olympic done again.

If I can achieve all that then it will be interesting…..


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