Judging the Web Awards 2014


A quick post which I’ll update more on over the weekend.

Today I’ve been judging 25 sites as part of the Web Awards 2014. This is the first round to cut the wheat from the chaff. The next round sorts them into categories and then into semi-finals etc.

The best sites I have come across from my allocation were:

I  have to say I was really impressed by the quality overall. I also found a number of really good sites I hadn’t even heard of before. So much for considering myself to be ‘in-the-know’.
More to follow….
3FE & Colin Harmon
Food & Drink


The best, the smartest and probably the most-hyped coffee house in Dublin.

I’ve been in and out of this place for the past two years and have been watching the business grow and develop with interest over that time. They recently made a great 15 minute video (Vimeo) on the business and their journey from being closet-coffee geeks to successful entrepeneurs.

3FE will be regarded as too cool for school by most Dublin folk and will be too far out of the way for many others. Most won’t be prepared to pay 3 for a coffee each morning (I hear some local NAMA folk have dubbed it ‘3 Feckin Euro’) and for this reason I think its interesting to see this business thrive and prosper in today’s market. There are many reasons why the business should struggle to survive but yet it hasn’t – it’s actually doing the opposite. So kudos to Colin Harmon, his team and his fellow shareholders.

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Food & Drink

2 wines to try in 2014

I’ve been quiet on this site over the past few weeks – damn and Register365 giving me trouble. More on that experience later.

For now I just wanted to recommend two really good wines I discovered over the Christmas period. I picked them up at The Corkscrew and Chris recommended the Californian one which was really good and priced at €39. The burgundy is quite special and I picked it up at one of their wine tasting evenings at a good price (normally retails at about €70/80). [I was celebrating when I opened it!]



Food & Drink

Kinnegar: A really good Irish craft beer

Kinnegar Brewing | The Collection

Kinnegar Brewing | The Collection

So I’m kicking off my first beer review with the most interesting beer I’ve found this year. Kinnegar Brewing from Donegal captured my attention with their fresh vibrant branding when they stood out from the crowd at the Craft Beer Festival in the RDS last September. After two or three pretty average pale ales I moved on to the Kinnegar stand and I found something really interesting before I even tasted the beer.  Continue reading